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The pioneer in WVTR permeation testing instruments in the world.

Mocon, the first company to ever develop WVTR permeation testing technology, is still leading the way with new and innovative instruments that enable companies worldwide to measure true WVTR permeation from the most simple structures and products to the most complex. Mocon's WVTR instruments continue to deliver the highest standard in the marketplace- without any peers.

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The All Round solution for WVTR permeation testing

Mocon's novel and most advanced WVTR permeation testing instrument ever!

The new PERMATRAN 3/34  standalone is the fruit of year's of development and refinement to deliver the most advanced instrument in the world. It features automated RH, Temperature, pressure and flow control to provide the most accurate instrument in the market today. 



Your entry level partner to WVTR permeation testing

Just like its OTR twin (the Oxtran 1/50), The Permatran 1/50 is the perfect companion for new and established companies looking to evaluate WVTR film permeation- simple and straightforward.
The Permatran 1/50 delivers outstanding performance, standard compliance and superb accuracy with the most economical price tag, whilst maintaining all the basic features and capabilities of Mocon's patented core technologies. 



The only instrument which can measure ultra high barriers - in the world

The Aquatran 2 is Mocon's top of the range unbeatable WVTR instrument which guarantees accuracy and precision at the phenomenal 5x10-5 g/(m2 · day) is a must for any company testing ultra high barriers.



The solution for NonWoven

This six cell water vapor transmission rate instrument Is an ideal companion for companies looking  to measure WVTR in materials such as nonwovens, linens, textiles, breathable materials, plastic films and paper



6 cells ; Maximum throughput

The Permatran 3/61 was designed for companies who need to get things done (and fast) without compromising on quality or accuracy. The 3/61 does just that- with a unique 6 cell configuration and the same high performance and high valued components which are standard for all Mocon instruments