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With experience spanning over a century in the making, Thwing Albert is one of the longest standing and most renowned names in Physical testing equipment. 
Based in the USA, thwing albert produces numerous testing equipments in varied fields from Pulp and Paper to Plastics, food, foil, ink industries and much beyond.

The quality as well as affordability of their instruments and equipment has granted them a loyal and highly satisfied worlwide client base and Cotrimex is proud and honored to be part of that success along with years of servicing and supporting in the israeli market and countless customers and instruments installed and operating in our country.


We invite you to view some of the many instruments and equipment available from Thwing Albert below. 
We always welcome your inquiries and interest 

For more details please visit the TA website below

Thwing albert: Services


The ultimate tool for testing corrugated board, cardboard, plastic film, flexible packaging, food products, paper, paperboard, tissue paper, textiles, and many other materials, the Vantage NX can perform a host of tests including and is Ideal for companies seeking high performance for  Quality Control, Engineering, and/or Research and Development.


FP-2260 Friction/Peel tester

A true best-seller, the FP-2260 is a simple yet sophisticated instrument for evaluating Friction and Peel. The handy multi functional membrane keypad and onboard screen are easy to use and offer the operator convenience and accurate reporting of results. The FP-2260 meets all industry standards and is a perfect choice for laboratories, R&D and QA/QC personnel, looking to get the most out of a friction/peel tester


Elmendorf Protear

The most reliable Elmendorf Tear tester in the world.

TA's Protear is the top choice for anyone who needs a reliable, quality driven, accurate and easy to use Elmendorf tear tester.
The Protear comes in 3 version (Electronic, Mechanical and heavy duty) for any and all customer's requirements.


Progage thickness tester

The ProGage Thickness Tester utilizes advanced technology to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of sheeted materials such as paper, plastic film, tissue and toweling, nonwovens, and textiles.  

This thickness tester features a dual speed pressure foot which enables it to perform up to 20 test cycles per minute (based on configuration) while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. The anvil design ensures excellent parallelism as well as zero stability and calibration.  


1270 PCA score bend tester

The 1270 PCA Score bend tester is a superb instrument to  measure the force needed to open or bend paperboard and scored paper carton. with its convenient design and sturdy built, it helps maintaining identical package specifications between the producer and the packager.


Spencer Impact Tester

The Spencer impact tester was developed as an attachment to TA's Protear tear tester for the purpose of determining the impact resistance of plastic films and packaging materials under conditions that closely approximate the strain rates that the material is subject to in end-use applications.  Such conditions allow producers and converters of films to better evaluate and simulate the practical - real life- quality and performance of their product

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