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At the heart of Permeation

Permeation doesn't just stop at OTR and WVTR. 
Mocon- the leading global permeation expert in the world- has years of experience and capabilities in developing and producing CO2 permeation testing instruments for countless substrates, at the same high quality and accuracy as the world has come to expect from any Mocon instrument. Our Permatrans' are ideal for Plastic substrates such as bottles, films, sheet and containers, requiring CO2 permeation analysis.  

permatran441 (2).png


The baseline for Co2 testing in the world

For years, any company requiring accurate and reliable CO2 permeation testing, has been relying on the PERMATRAN-C 4/41 as the baseline for their testing needs.
With its superior repeatability and reliability, it has no peers in the industry.
The 4/41 comes in two versions specifically designed for the Bottle/High Barrier field (4/41) and specifically designed for the fresh cut produce industry (4/41T), it surely meets the industry's standards and more



Make it simple and accurate

The first real cost effective, non-destructive & self contained CO2 transmission rate analyzer for testing beverage bottles