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Here at Cotrimex we understand that in order to be a true one stop shop for our customer base, we must provide more than just products.
That is why, for years, we have been supporting our customers with additional added value services and offerings to complement our products.
Our aim is always to support to the greatest extent our traditional and long established partners and provide the most extensive group of services for their benefit

Business Meeting

M&A services

Through years of cooperation with major players in the Petrochemical market, Cotrimex has been able to develop key relationship which position it as a suitable partner to assist in forming Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions between Israeli firms and Foreign companies looking to build on mutual capabilities for growth.
We invite you to contact us for a deeper discussion on how we may be able to assist you in such endeavours.


Product Sourcing

One of our key growth fields in recent years and a source of pride and strength has been providing sourcing services to our various clients and customers.
Our long standing presence in many markets has been an aid for securing varied specialty products and sourcing new ones on behalf of our customers.

Our customers have come to rely on our skilled staff and abilities to provide innovative solutions which are unavailable or highly difficult elsewhere.
For any specific inquiry into complex or complicated products or services, we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs.  


Financial services

For many years, Cotrimex has been partnering with its customers to find the most suitable and convenient financial solutions with the support of our long time suppliers and partners abroad. Cotrimex has been aligning itself with key financial institutes and support bases in order to provide our customers with more options and solutions in the financial realm.

Test Tubes

Laboratory and testing services

Alongside our wide product offering, Cotrimex has made it its mission to support customers brands, product and sustainable  growth by providing laboratory and testing services where and when needed.
Apart from our laboratory equipment sales and servicing, we are happy to be able to provide our customers with a wide array of laboratory services from shelf-life, aroma and flavor studies, to physical testing, color and haze analysis, failure analysis, and many more optional testing capabilities, which converters and customers may require from time to time. 

Reaching a Deal

Logistical services

Whether its' assisting our clients and customers to find the best shipping routes, the most competitive rates for forwarders or merely validating documents or L/C's, at Cotrimex Ltd. we strive to provide a full service to meet our customers needs. Our team would be happy to assist and support you in any manner possible, to help streamline the supply of goods and services to your satisfaction.

We welcome your inquiries and are at your service, always.

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