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 About us

With a history boasting over 50 years of business relations spanning globally from the Far East to the West, we - Cotrimex Ltd. - have built and sustained our position as one of the leading, most reliable and versatile import/export companies in Israel - in the fields of Plastics, rubber, chemicals and semi-conductor businesses.

Backed by our world renowned suppliers, our sole aim has always been and remains;
to support our partners at every step of the way.

We possess extensive expertise and a devoted staff, striving to render our services in a professional and reliable manner and uphold the highest standards that our partners in Israel & abroad have become accustomed to, while retaining our family managed and oriented business style, which has been ongoing for more than 5 decades.

We also aim to keep and nurture the vision & determination of evolving alongside our suppliers and customers alike, by future innovations and next-gen products.

We hope to include you in our vision for tomorrow;

looking to the future- building on the past.

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Cotrimex Office

History and Milestones

In 1963, Cotrimex Ltd. was established by its founder and longstanding CEO - Mr. Y. Ben-Artzi.  

upon establishment, Mr. Ben-Artzi identified and targeted Far Eastern countries as advantageous trade partners for trade and commerce with the developing Israeli industry.

In the year's to come, the Asian region developed considerably. As technological expertise and skills evolved , Cotrimex Ltd. was poised to seize the opportunity and utilize its' existing contacts to grow hand in hand with the development of the fast emerging Asian conglomerates we are familiar with today.

The excellent relations and reliable services Cotrimex Ltd. provided to its principals and associates in the Far East, from the very beginning, coupled with the reputation it had acquired in Israel and other Western regions, resulted in long-term business relationships with the finest manufacturers and suppliers from the one hand and strong traditional clientele and customers on the other.

Cotrimex continued to grow over the years in products and solutions as well as manpower and by the early 2,000's relocated to our new offices at the 38th floor of Ramat-Gan's Moshe Aviv Tower in  one of the most advanced and developing business centers in the country, as well as establishing our own subsidiary office in Japan and respective sister company Ben's & Co. holdings, a wholly owned holdings company, also established and managed by the Ben-Artzi family. 
Today, we continue to invest in our humble company for the continued growth and stable support of our suppliers and customers, while maintaining our 3 core values of family, partnership and honesty towards all our partners around the world. 

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