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Specialty products

For over 5 decades, Cotrimex Ltd has been developing and promoting specialty products across a vast board of applications and industries, while assisting our partners in their trading endeavors.
Our long established contacts and market insight, coupled with the strong relationships we have formed with mainstay conglomerates and speciality companies around the globe have put us in a unique position to support customers with vital ingredients, raw materials, Polymers, chemicals and various other products which are either rare or complex to reach otherwise.

We always welcome your inquires for new and interesting products and are ready and happy to assist with any new project or product which your company would like to acquire

Specialty Semiconductors and high purity metals

Computer Circuit Board

InP & CdTe Single crystal Wafers
ZnTe Single crystal Wafers
High purity Cd, Te, In, Ag metals
High purity Hg metal
Sputtering targets

Speciality Fibers

fiber fabric roll

Carbon/Aramid/Glass fibers
Composite materials
Fibers for structural reinforcement
Specialty man-made fibers
Fibers for Nonwoven Ind

Pigments and additives

pigments additives

Photoluminescent pigments

Color pigments

Flame retardant additives

Anti-fog additives 

Nano pigments and additives

Anti-bacterial additives 

Monomers, fine chemicals, coatings & adhesives

Chemicals chemical plant

BAPB monomer
EG/PEG monomers
Specialty coatings based on Epoxy , Polyester  and hybrid compounds
Specialty adhesives and greases
Acrylic coatings 
Hard coatings and adhesives

Please contact us for specific information on any of our current products or new inquires

Specialty products: Features
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