The most accurate and reliable OTR permeation testing instruments in the world. Period.

Mocon's vast portfolio of OTR permeation instruments means that "at any range" and for "whichever application" you will always be assured of the most accurate results, the best repeatability, and the world known quality of a MOCON!
Whether for Laboratory, R&D, QA/QC or any other application, Mocon's instruments are here to support your every needs.



The real Next-Gen of OTR testing

The newest and most advanced OTR permeation testing instrument in the world.

The new Oxtran 2/22 range with Mocon's patented Coulox sensor and exceptional features deliver the most precise instrument in the market place, boasting unprecedented repeatability and the lowest detection point of any instrument in the world. 


Your entry level partner to OTR permeation testing

The Oxtran 1/50 is the perfect companion for new and established companies looking to evaluate OTR film permeation- simple and straightforward.
The Oxtran 1/50 delivers outstanding performance, standard compliance and superb accuracy at the most economical price tag, whilst maintaining all the basic features and capabilities of Mocon's patented core technologies. 


Simplicity at its best

The newest edition to Mocon's portfolio, the Oxtran 2/12 is a powerhouse when it comes to efficiency, ease of use, automation and accuracy.
The 2/12  has a wide testing range,  automated capabilities and accurate results.  


The perfect handheld partner for your O2 testing

The Optech O2, Mocon's multi-functional O2 testing instrument measures oxygen permeation, headspace, dissolved oxygen and package leak. It is the ideal oxygen analyzer for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications where measuring oxygen and understanding its effect on product shelf life is critical.


6 cells ; Maximum throughput

The Oxtran 2/61 was designed for companies who need to get things done (and fast) without compromising on quality or accuracy. The 2/61 does just that- with a unique 6 cell configuration and the same high performance and high valued components which are standard for all Mocon instruments


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